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Half Day Cape Point Tour
  From .... ZAR 520-00
Kirstenbosch and Constantia Tour
  From .... ZAR 430-00
Chobe Boat Cruise
  From .... USD 60-00
Chobe Game Drive
  From .... USD 60-00
Cape Town City Tour
  From .... ZAR 395-00
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A World in One Country
14 days
From .... ZAR 22860-00
Johannesburg • Mpumalanga • Kruger National Park • Swaziland • Zululand • Durban • Port Elizabeth • Knysna • Oudtshoorn • Cape Town
3 Country - Wildlife & Waves Safari
8 days
From .... ZAR 13742-00
Malalane • Kruger National Park • Mozambique • St Lucia • Swaziland • Kruger
The Majestic Drakensberg & Lesotho
4 days
From .... ZAR 6783-00
Durban • Drakensberg • Lesotho • Durban
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Battle at Kruger | Kruger National Park South Africa - Thompsons Touring & Safaris
Take a look at the video footage, you'll be "oohing" and "aahing" and you might even have to avert your eyes from the screen when the lions attack - it's raw and wild Africa in action !
The footage in brief:

The buffalo made a dire error, by entering a narrow strip of land at a dam in the Kruger National Park, seemingly unaware of a pride of lions just ahead of them - what transpires thereafter, is that the lions seize their opportunity (literally), tumbling into the dam with their quarry, a buffalo calf. A large Nile Crocodile joins the fray and lunges at the struggling buffalo calf and lions, trying to get in on the action. The buffalos regroup and counter attack, chasing away the lions and even toss one of the lioness into the air as she stands her ground, and ultimately rescue their own. It makes for fantastic viewing, which is exactly what the Kruger National Park is - an awesome wildlife have to treasure.

Battle At Kruger - The footage that is causing a buzz
Talk about being in the right place at the right time !

If you haven't seen the footage yet, you've just got to - it's incredible ! Click Play button on the video image above. This wildlife spectacular was encountered when our ranger Frank Watts, whose knowledge of Kruger and its many and varied wild inhabitants is extraordinary, took the party of tourists to view wildlife activity at one of the dams in the Kruger. Little did he know that they would witness an incredible encounter between lions, buffalo and crocodile, which has gone on to be viewed by over 51 million people around the world. Described by Wikipedia as a viral video, the footage has been the topic of hot discussion and has become YouTube's hottest download ever. More people have viewed, commented and saved this footage to their favourites than any other video posted on YouTube EVER !

The footage has made it into news rooms and programmes around the world and Thompsons Touring & Safaris has received messages from clients all over the world to say ... "We saw the footage on 'tele' last night, The Kruger National Park was listed as one of the 100 things you 'just must do before you die'" - Australia. From air time on BBC News UK to air time on ABC News USA, who not only aired the footage, but also featured a brief interview with our guide Frank, where Frank admits to the 'buffalo attack' as the most incredible sighting he has ever witnessed.
(Click here to view the footage of the interview). The videographer - David Budzinski - also admits that he uses his video camera "once a year" and each time has to work out again how to.

As you can image, this has created quite a buzz in our office - the fact that the Kruger National Park is currently receiving such wonderful recognition for the quality game experience that it is, is a great opportunity for South Africa ... and the fact that is was a
Thompsons Kruger Wildlife Tour with our specialist guide Frank Watts, makes it even more exciting for us.

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